Pecuniary Interest

  1. Pecuniary Interest FAQ 1

    What laws govern public officials in ethical matters?

  2. Pecuniary Interest FAQ 2

    May a mayor who owns the only automobile dealership in the city sell police squad cars to the city?

  3. Pecuniary Interest FAQ 3

    Are there limitations on governing body members seeking a paid position with their municipality during their term of office?

  4. Pecuniary Interest FAQ 4

    Besides state statutes or local ethics ordinances, are there any other ethics rules or standards that relate to the ethical conduct of local public officials?

  5. Pecuniary Interest FAQ 5

    Does the state ethics code for local government officials prohibit a local official from voting on a matter or using their office to affect a matter involving the official's son, father, sister, uncle, mother-in-law or other relative?