Public Records

  1. Public Records FAQ 1

    How long must public records be retained before they can be destroyed?

  2. Public Records FAQ 2

    Are municipal employee disciplinary or personnel files open to the public under the public records law?

  3. Public Records FAQ 4

    Do individuals have a special right, in addition to their rights under the public records law, to inspect public records containing information about themselves?

  4. Public Records FAQ 5

    Does an e-mail message sent to or by a municipal employee or official constitute a public record under the public records law?

  5. Public Records FAQ 6

    Must a records custodian comply with a public records request when the requester requests not only that the custodian provide current records of a certain type but also requests that the custodian provide the requester with copies of all similar records that are created in the future?

  6. Public Records FAQ 7

    How long does a records custodian have to answer a request for public records?

  7. Public Records FAQ 8

    How should a records custodian determine whether a request for a public record should be granted or denied?

  8. Public Records FAQ 9

    Is there a statute or rule that specifies the length of time an audiotape or videotape of a public meeting must be kept?

  9. Public Records FAQ 10

    Can an authority charge a requester fees for providing a public record?