Traffic Regulation

  1. Traffic Regulation FAQ 1

    What authority do municipalities have to regulate snowmobiles?

  2. Traffic Regulation FAQ 2

    Can a municipality block off a street in order to have a snowmobile race?

  3. Traffic Regulation FAQ 3

    Would the municipality be liable if someone was injured during a snowmobile race or derby it sponsored or arranged?

  4. Traffic Regulation FAQ 4

    Do cities or villages have any specific authority to reserve parking spaces for physically disabled persons?

  5. Traffic Regulation FAQ 5

    Can a city or village police officer enforce traffic regulations on both sides of a road that serves as a boundary between a city/village and a township or between a city/village and a city/village?

  6. Traffic Regulation FAQ 6

    What authority do municipalities have to place weight limitations on local roads?

  7. Traffic Regulation FAQ 7

    Are municipal vehicles exempt from the weight limitations on municipal roads?

  8. Traffic Regulation FAQ 8

    When the center of a street forms the boundary of a municipality, can a municipal police officer enforce municipal ordinances on the side of the street outside of the municipality?