1. Zoning FAQ 1

    Do zoning variances run with the land so that a subsequent owner may make use of the variance? Similarly, may a new owner of property continue to use the property authorized by a special exception or conditional use permit?

  2. Zoning FAQ 2

    May a municipality provide for a plan commission with a make-up different than is set forth in the statutes?

  3. Zoning FAQ 3

    What are the primary standards for obtaining a zoning variance?

  4. Zoning FAQ 4

    Who is entitled to notice when a request to rezone a property will be considered?

  5. Zoning FAQ 5

    Can a property owner sign a zoning protest petition if his or her property is within the distance specified by statute but outside the municipality’s boundaries?

  6. Zoning FAQ 6

    What is spot zoning and when is it lawful?

  7. Zoning FAQ 7

    Are county buildings in cities and villages subject to city or village zoning ordinance limitations?

  8. Zoning FAQ 8

    Do Wisconsin municipalities have authority to deny a conditional use application or is their authority limited to imposing conditions on the proposed use?

  9. Zoning FAQ 9

    May a municipality create two zoning districts that have identical uses but different setback, side yard, and etc. restrictions?

  10. Zoning FAQ 10

    Can a municipality issue a valid conditional use permit for a land use activity that is not specifically permitted by the zoning code as a conditional use in the zoning district in which it will be conducted?

  11. Zoning FAQ 11

    Does Wisconsin's Smart Growth planning law affect city or village land use regulation power?

  12. Zoning FAQ 12

    May a zoning board rehear or reconsider a prior decision?

  13. Zoning FAQ 13

    Is there a basic template or model comprehensive plan meeting the statutory requirements of the smart growth law that municipalities can modify and use for their purposes?

  14. Zoning FAQ 14

    What are the legal limits for conditional use permit conditions?