Dark Store Tax Loophole 

The Issue:  The “Dark Store” strategy of property tax assessment is looming large over communities throughout the state of Wisconsin and unfortunately could soon be coming to your city or village.  In fact, it may already be there.

In essence, the Dark Store strategy is a tax loophole being used by Big Box retailers and other national chains to lower the amount they pay in property taxes. Retailers such as Lowe’s, Target, Meijer, Home Depot, Menards, Walgreens, and CVS are arguing that the market value of their thriving store should be based on the sales of similar size “comparable” properties that are vacant and abandoned.

What? You mean a fully operational store, like a new Target, gets to pay the same property taxes as a closed, empty and “dark” K-Mart down the street? Yes, that’s exactly what the retailers are fighting for and it’s what is starting to happen more and more frequently.

Some courts in Wisconsin have upheld this “Dark Store theory” and cut property tax assessments in some cases by as much as 50 percent – resulting in a tax shift to homeowners or a cut in local services. These rulings could result in a shift of millions of dollars in tax burden across Wisconsin unless the loop hole is closed by the legislature.  

The Solution: Follow the lead of the Indiana state legislature and pass legislation in Wisconsin closing off these tax strategies and stopping the tax shift to home owners. Pass legislation clarifying that leases are appropriately factored into the valuation of properties and prohibiting assessors from valuing thriving big box stores the same as abandoned buildings in a different market segment.

New Store


Empty Store


Should this new thriving store be valued for property tax purposes like the abandoned store?

  That’s what many big box chains are successfully arguing to reduce their property taxes.  The result is that other taxpayers like you have to pick up the slack.  Not fair, is it?  Tell your legislator to do something about it.  Support legislation banning the dark store tax strategy.

Dark Store Resources

Dark Store Issue Briefing

Dark Store Model Resolution calling on the Legislature to pass legislation Closing Tax Loopholes Causing More of Property Tax Burden to Shift from Commercial to Residential. (This downloads to your computer as a Word document.) 

Dark Store Resolutions

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