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Phosphorus Letter to Congress
Please sign our Letter to Wisconsin Senators & Congressional Delegation, asking relief from Wisconsin's strict and costly phosphorus standard set by the DNR and EPA under the Clean Water Act. We'll send this letter September 1, 2017.

  1. Read the letter
  2. If you want your mayor or village president to sign on, contact Gail Sumi at email with your name, municipality and the cost to bring your wastewater treatment facility into compliance with the phosphorus standard.  For more information, contact Curt Witynski at 608--267-3294.
Sample Resolution in Opposition to AB 361, requiring a referendum to adopt a local vehicle registration fee (wheel tax)
League, WCA and WRA joint memo on repeal of Personal Property Tax
  1. Liberty

    The League and WCA's Joint Testimony on AB 277/SB 218

    The League of Wisconsin Municipalities (LWM) and the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) have vigorously opposed prior efforts to repeal Wisconsin’s personal property tax. The opposition to prior efforts was due to lack of a plan to reimburse local. . . May 24, 2017 Curt Witynski and Kyle Christianson
  2. Wisconsin State Capitol Justice Mural, Kenyan Cox

    League Testimony on AB 348

    May 30, 2017 CURT WITYNSKI: I'm testifying this afternoon for information purposes only on AB 348. The bill contains changes to state law that we like, but also contains limitations on municipal authority about which we have concerns. To Assembly Committee on Jobs & the Economy
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