League Legislative Communications

League Memo to Senate Committee on Economic Development, commerce and Local Government on SB 708.   

Exempting donated improvements from public construction competitive bidding requirements

League Memo to Assembly Committee on Local Government on AB 748. 

Prohibiting local governments from establishing minimum wage standards for their own employees or employees of contractors; and prohibiting local governments from creating a broader basis for employment discrimination than provided for by state law   

League Memo to Wisconsin State Senate Opposing AB 770.

The Developers' Bill

League Memo to Assembly Committee on Local Government regarding AB 606,

making changes to Membership and Procedures of Police and Fire Commissions

Joint LWM-WTA Memo Opposing SB 713/AB 857.

League Memo to Assembly Committee on Ways and Means on AB 361,

requiring a Referendum to Enact or Continue to Implement a Local Vehicle Registration Fee

League Memo to Senate Committee on Insurance, Housing and Trade on SB 639,

limiting authority of Local governments to regulate and inspect rental properties

League Memo to Senate Committee on Insurance, Housing and Trade on SB 640,

limiting municipal regulatory authority and ability to impose impact fees; new reporting mandates

League State Budget Veto Request Letter

Phosphorus Letter to Congress signed by 84 Wisconsin Municipalities

Sample Resolution in Opposition to AB 361,

requiring a referendum to adopt a local vehicle registration fee (wheel tax)

League, WCA and WRA joint memo on repeal of Personal Property Tax

  1. Liberty

    The League and WCA's Joint Testimony on AB 277/SB 218

    The League of Wisconsin Municipalities (LWM) and the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) have vigorously opposed prior efforts to repeal Wisconsin’s personal property tax. The opposition to prior efforts was due to lack of a plan to reimburse local. . . May 24, 2017 Curt Witynski and Kyle Christianson
  2. Wisconsin State Capitol Justice Mural, Kenyan Cox

    League Testimony on AB 348

    May 30, 2017 CURT WITYNSKI: I'm testifying this afternoon for information purposes only on AB 348. The bill contains changes to state law that we like, but also contains limitations on municipal authority about which we have concerns. To Assembly Committee on Jobs & the Economy
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