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  1. Wausau Walgreens is latest case of dark store tax loophole, costing residents over $120,000...

    City taxpayers will lose nearly $23,000 this year when the city refunds Walgreens for a portion of its taxes in the latest case of a "dark store" tax loophole in Wisconsin that left Wausau taxpayers on the hook for over $120,000 in the past five years. Megan Stringer, Daily Herald
  2. Bill seeks to bar large retailers from using the ‘dark store loophole’ in property tax battles

    Portland, Maine: The bill, expected to appear before the Legislature’s Taxation Committee, would require that retail sales facilities more than 20,000 square feet be valued based on current use, or, if vacant, according to their highest and best use... Hannah LaClaire, Times Herald
  3. Walmart sues to lower its Oshkosh property tax bill

    Renewing its legal battle with the city of Oshkosh, Walmart filed suit July 3 to have $6.2 million knocked off the assessment on its South Washburn St store. The company sits atop the Fortune 500 and had $500 billion in sales last year.... By Miles Maguire, Oshkosh Examiner
  4. Local officials seethe as Republicans block move on 'dark stores' loophole

    Village of Somers President George Stoner said it’s just one excuse after another. “They say it would be bad for business,” Stoner said. “It’s not bad for business. Businesses need to pay their fair share.” By JEFFREY ZAMPANTI, Racine Journal Times
  5. Will this be the year to close “Dark store” loophole? How it impacts you

    MADISON (WKOW) — As Governor Evers tours the state to rally support for the budget he introduced last week, closing the dark store loophole is poised to become a big issue at the state capitol. Emilee Fannon, WKOW
  6. Evers to close controversial ‘Dark Store’ loophole

    This method of assessment has proved controversial, as organizations like the League of Wisconsin Municipalities see the method as a gap in the tax law that allows big corporations to pay less in taxes, forcing Wisconsin residents to pay more. Molly Devore, Badger Herald
  7. Sheboygan voters will have their say on 'dark store' tax loopholes in April election

    SHEBOYGAN - The common council voted unanimously Monday to add an advisory referendum that will appear on the April ballot, asking Sheboygan residents if the Wisconsin legislature should consider passing legislation to close.... Diana Dombrowski, Sheboygan Press
  8. As Big Retailers Seek to Cut Their Tax Bills, Towns Bear the Brunt

    WAUWATOSA, Wis. — With astonishing range and rapidity, big-box retailers and corporate giants are using an aggressive legal tactic to shrink their property tax bills, a strategy that is costing local governments and school districts around the country.... Patricia Cohen, The New York Times
  9. 2019 Outlook: Lowes, Wal-Mart Property Tax Loophole Under Scrutiny in Wisconsin

    Krause said wider application... would have a devastating impact on her community,,, an across-the-board application of dark store...would result in a 17% tax shift to the residential sector in Wauwatosa, costing the ave homeowner $1,100 more. Michael J. Bologna, Bloomberg Tax
  10. Closing the Dark Store Loophole? Referendum results deliver resounding ‘yes’...

    On average, 78.65% voters answered “yes” to ballot questions asking if the loophole should be closed. The rejection vote was far bigger in individual places. In Dane County, 91.79% of voters called for ending the loophole, as did... 87.88% in Glendale. Dan Shaw, Shepherd Express
  11. How the “dark stores” loophole helps big-box retailers evade millions in property taxes

    “(S)uggesting is that we use these dark stores as comparables to their ongoing stores, even though the bundle of rights is different,” Winter says. But “to use that as a comparable, without an adjustment, for the value of an ongoing operation, doesn’t .." Sam Bloch, The New Food Economy
  12. Continued Reaction To So-Called Dark Store Loopholes

    A guest (Jerry Deschane) from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities joined us on Nov. 13 to discuss the results to dark store referenda questions and talk about what he hopes is next on this issue. Breann Schossow, Wisconsin Public Radio
  13. Tax 'loophole' critics win big on Election Day, but prospects for real change unclear

    Voters in 23 Wisconsin municipalities overwhelmingly backed nonbinding referendums on Tuesday to close the so-called “dark store loophole,” which its detractors say unfairly shifts the property tax burden from large retailers to homeowners. Chris Rickert, Wisconsin State Journal
  14. Local and state leaders: Voters make 'dark store' directive clear

    “It is an important issue to the village...,” Steinbrink said. “It affects small businesses & residential taxpayers. It is actually an easy fix. Without action, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep taxes low and services good.” JILL TATGE-ROZELL, Kenosha News
  15. Rock, Walworth counties OK dark store advisory referendums

    Voters in Rock and Walworth counties overwhelmingly passed advisory referendums calling for an end to the dark store legal theory. The referendums passed with more than 70 percent support in both counties. Jim Dayton, Gazette Extra
  16. Wisconsin election: Voters favor closing 'dark stores' property tax loophole

    "(B)ut it certainly, I think, speaks volumes. ... That's pretty significant when you've got 50,000 voters telling their elected officials that we want this loophole closed," said Outagamie County Board Chairman Jeff Nooyen... Alison Dirr, Appleton Post-Crescent
  17. City approves nearly $130,000 combined payout to settle Lowe's 'dark store' lawsuit

    "More than $129,000 in local taxpayer money will go to Lowe's after city leaders settled a lawsuit with the national home improvement chain." John Sadler, Oshkosh Northwestern
  18. Officials urge support of Dark Store referendums

    "Antaramian said if the loophole is not closed it will amount to a $350 increase on an average city home. This comes as residential taxpayers’ share of the state’s overall property tax pie has increased to 67 percent..." JILL TATGE-ROZELL - Kenosha News

    The report showed of the 11 municipalities studied, value losses could range from 4 to 14% - resulting in a $187 million shift to other taxpayers. In Beloit, multiple businesses have disputed their property tax assessments, including the Staples...." AUSTIN MONTGOMERY, Beloit Daily News
  20. “Everyday the state Legislature does not act to close these loopholes, taxes are increasing for all

    “Everyday the state Legislature does not act to close these loopholes, taxes are increasing for all homeowners, small businesses and other property owners in Kenosha and the rest of the state,” Kenosha Ald. Dan Prozanski JILL TATGE-ROZELL - Kenosha News
  21. Kenosha county officials tackle ‘dark store loophole’ issue, put referendum on November ballot

    Stoner is the Village of Somers president and said the issue of the "dark store loophole" needs to be dealt with quickly. "Just for the year 2017 for Sam's Club, we have to give back $13,795 and to Walmart, we have to give back $25,305 and that's just... Jonathon Gregg, Fox 6
  22. EDITORIAL: It’s time to pay attention to the dark store loophole

    Manawa is a quaint city in Waupaca County with roughly 1,300 people who found out the hard way the damage the dark store loophole can do in communities. Last year, TreeHouse Foods successfully argued in mitigation that the value of a food processing... Ben Rodgers, Editor, The Press
  23. Five things to know about the 'dark store' referendum on midterm ballots

    "The one thing that gets lost in talking about the details is the reason local governments are concerned," said Curt Witynski, deputy director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities. "They're concerned about the fairness of the property-tax system." Natalie Wickman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  24. ‘It’s not right:’ Elected officials urge candidates for governor to close tax loopholes

    "Our residents should not be having to incur this cost for an unfair tax shift," said Kathy Ehley, mayor of Wauwatosa. The leaders drafted a letter seeking relief from the so-called "dark store"/ "Walgreens loopholes".... Beverly Taylor, Fox 6 News
  25. Local Leaders Demand Big Store Tax Reform

    The effect of these loopholes is that property tax revenues from these large companies and corporations go down, and the tax burden paying for essential services like police and fire is shifted to homeowners and small business owners. Graham Kilmer, Urban Milwaukee
  26. Burlington to consider joining dark store tax battle

    Whenever big box retailers such as Walmart use the dark store loophole to avoid paying higher taxes, residents and small businesses pay the price, which has caused most state municipalities to urge lawmakers to stop the practice. Jason Arndt, Editor, My Racine County
  27. Panel wants property assessment loopholes closed

    Homeowners in Wisconsin already pay 70% of property taxes statewide. And Douglas County want to make sure that share doesn't grow. But a loophole in Wisconsin law is helping big box and chain stores use tax avoidance strategies that shift the burden.... Shelley Nelson, Superior Telegram
  28. Shifting the Tax Burden

    Shifting the tax burden: If plaintiffs win lawsuits over property tax assessments, taxpayers could see $561K on their tab Taxpayers could be on the hook for $561,183 if plaintiffs in 11 civil lawsuits challenging property tax assessments filed . . . . Christena T. O’Brien, Leader-Telegram
  29. City, Walmart settle value dispute--for now

    A dispute between Walmart and Monona officials over the value of the business’ property has been settled, with a few elected officials saying it’s the best the city could hope for in the short term. Kevin Passon for The Herald-Independent
  30. Dark Store Reform Important to All of Us

    The city of Oshkosh is taking a stand to address a disturbing trend in property valuation. This trend is shifting the bur-den of property taxes from big-box retail stores to homes and small businesses. The term you may be familiar with is “dark store.” Oshkosh Mayor Seven Cummings, Oshkosh Herald
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