Telecommunications (Including Small Cell)

Materials for Understanding/Regulating Siting of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities in Wake of FCC’s 2018 Small Cell Order

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) 2018 Small Cell Order, which largely took effect January 14, 2019, contains new and significant limitations on a municipality’s ability to regulate wireless facilities in local rights-of-way (ROW). To assist our members, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities retained Attorney Anita Gallucci, Boardman & Clark, to draft a Model Ordinance regulating the siting of wireless telecommunications facilities in local ROW that takes these changes into account. Attorney Gallucci has prepared a comprehensive memo explaining the FCC order and a Model Ordinance with supporting materials.

Memo explaining the FCC 2018 Small Cell Order for Siting of Wireless Facilities in Local Rights-of-Way (PDF) by Attorney Anita Gallucci for the League, February, 2019 

Attachments to Attorney Gallucci's memo (Including a model ordinance) (PDF) February, 2019