2005 Approved Resolutions

  1. 2005-1
  2. 2005-3
  3. 2005-4
Whereas, the proposed dissolution of the Florence School District serves as an early warning that Wisconsin's current system of financing school districts and other local governments is not serving Wisconsinites well or ensuring the state's competitiveness in an increasingly global economy; and

Whereas, over the years, numerous state task forces have concluded that Wisconsin's system of organizing and financing local government has not sufficiently evolved and is in need of reform; and
Whereas, state policymakers have generally ignored these recommendations and failed to adjust and modernize our system of financing local government; and

Whereas, the dissolution of the Florence School District may be the first in a long line of other local disasters, unless state policymakers make major reforms in the way we finance schools and local governments in Wisconsin.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in conference assembled on October 27, 2005, urges the Legislature and the Governor to work with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities, and the Wisconsin Counties Association to develop and enact proposals fundamentally reforming how local government is financed in this state.

Be it Further Resolved, that copies of this Resolution be sent to Governor Doyle and legislative leaders and that members of the League be encouraged to adopt a similar resolution locally.