Join the League Lobby Team

As an elected or appointed municipal official, you can advocate for your municipality by joining the League’s Lobby Team.  

Team members are invited to the League's Lobby Days, scheduled three or four times during each two-year legislative session. Lobby Day generally starts at 9:00 a.m. with a briefing on legislative priorities. League staff provide briefing materials as well as League memos for you to use when you meet with your Legislators. After the briefing, everyone goes to the Capitol for their legislative meetings and then reconvenes to report out over lunch.

As part of the team, you'll also be invited to participate in behind the scenes interactive political briefings provided by webinar. 

Sign up for the Lobby Team using this form.  

2017 Lobby Days

May 10, Municipal Government & Utility Day
(Lobby Day & Legislative Luncheon)

Monona Terrace,
1 John Nolen Drive, Madison

Register for the May 10 Lobby Day here

If you can attend the Luncheon ONLY on May 10, register here

Inviting your Legislators to attend the May 10 Luncheon? Send them an email and feel free to use this invite here. 

All city and village officials and staff are invited to participate in a half day of advocacy and networking in Madison on May 10. The League is teaming up this year with several other municipal organizations, including Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Rural Water Association, MEG -- Water, and MEG -- Wastewater for the first ever Municipal Government and Utility Day at the state capitol. 

The focus of the day will be on the critical role that municipal infrastructure plays in growing the state's economy.
Agenda for May 10:

9:00 -- 10:15 -- Breakfast, Briefing by League Staff on Municipal Legislation, and a Presentation by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos -- Monona Terrace Convention Center
10:15 -- 12:15 -- Participate in meetings with your State Senator and State Representative and/or their staff in the State Capitol
12:30 -- 1:45 -- Have Lunch with your Legislators and Hear a Presentation by Larry Gigerich, Managing Director of Ginovus, a national leader in site selection.  He'll talk about how important good infrastructure is to business location decisions.   

Lunch Only Option. If you are unable to attend the morning events, then please join us for the legislative luncheon. 

No Cost. There is no cost for municipal officials and staff to attend the luncheon or to participate in any aspect of the Municipal Government and Utility Day at the State Capitol.

Recap:  February 15, League Lobby Day 
The League's Lobby Team held more than 100 meetings at the Capitol.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos spoke to the team about the need for the Legislature to pass and the Governor to sign a long-term sustainable solution to the state's chronic transportation shortfall. Rep. John Macco, Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, discussed his committee's project of reviewing Wisconsin's state and local tax structure at the Lobby Day Luncheon. 

Lobby Team Travel Expenses Reimbursed

The League reimburses you for mileage expenses and will also reimburse one night’s lodging and meals if you travel more than 400 miles round trip to attend Lobby Day.  

reimbursement form (PDF) with receipts for lodging and meals must be submitted to the League.  

Take Action

You can advocate for your community by contacting your Legislators. Click through and your Legislators are identified for you. We make it easy for you by providing a message that you can customize. Take 
action. (Please note: we pick our battles. This link will only work when there is an active campaign.) 

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Fill out the sign up form to join the Lobbying Team. If you have any questions, please contact Gail Sumi at 608-267-4477 or via email.
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