1. 51 - Committee Structure & Operations

    Read an extensive ordinance for the structure and operation of City committees.

  2. 136 - Creating a Community Development Authority

    Read through an ordinances establishing and creating a Community Development Authority.

  3. 148 - Designation of Standing Committees

    Read through an ordinance establishing a select number of standing committees.

  4. 153 - Membership of the Plan Commission

    Look through an ordinances sample that dictates the membership of the city Plan Commission.

  5. 201 - Organization of Committees

    Access a village ordinance that establishes the organization of village committees.

  6. 204 - Creating a Utility Commission

    Find out how the Village of Hustisford passed an ordinance creating a Utility Commission.

  7. 205 - Creating a Communications Utility

    Examine the ordinance from the Village of Hustisford dictating the establishment of a Communications Utility.