Parks & Recreation

  1. 49 - High Water Slow No Wake - Mequon

    Find out about the laws of using a watercraft on the Milwaukee River.

  2. 138 - Prohibiting Feeding of Wildlife - Marinette

    No person shall feed any wildlife in any public parks or on any other property owned or occupied by the City of Marinette.

  3. 161 - Reciprocity - Neenah, Menasha & Appleton

    See the 3 Wisconsin cities that grant resident status solely for recreation purposes.

  4. 163 - Fishing Tournament Rules - Lake Geneva

    Be aware of the fishing tournament rules on Lake Geneva.

  5. 179 - Regulation of Fishing Rafts - Fremont

    The number and conditions of rafts has caused conflicts with the other river users and has resulted in other problems on the Wolf River.

  6. 191 - Snowmobiles - Crivitz

    View speed and safety laws for snowmobiles in Crivitz.