1. 37 - Control of Stormwater Runoff

    This ordinance is to set forth stormwater requirements and criteria which will prevent and control water pollution, diminish the threats to public health, safety, welfare, and aquatic life due to runoff of stormwater from development or redevelopment.

  2. 54 - Stormwater Management - McFarland

    The Village of McFarland has regulated stormwater for a number of years, with the most recent revisions taking place at the time of codification of the Village Ordinances. This revision takes as its starting point the Stormwater Run-Off Model Ordinance promulgated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

  3. 55 - Erosion Control - McFarland

    While the Village has had an Erosion Control Ordinance since 1980, recent developments in practices of erosion control suggest a substantial need exists for incorporating current best practices into the Ordinance.