1. 53 - Pet Enclosures, Dog Runs - Williams Bay

    Learn of the dimensions that your dog run or pet enclosure needs to be in order to be up to code.

  2. 81 - Snakes - Eau Claire

    No person shall keep or possess any snake in the city which is poisonous or in excess of 10 feet in length.

  3. 85A - Injury Caused by Animal Bite - Madison

    Find out what the fines are for violating this particular section on injuries caused by animals.

  4. 105 - Animal Treatment Ordinance - Berlin

    Be aware of the ordinance that gives protection to animals in the City of Berlin.

  5. 113 - Regulation of Animals - Portage

    Check this list of illegal animals to make sure you keeping up with the laws in Portage.

  6. 121 - Licensing Pet Animals - Clinto

    Licensing pets is crucial past a certain age in Clinton.

  7. 166 - Dog & Other Animal Regulation - Highland

    Peruse dog and other animal regulations in Highland online.

  8. 198 - Wolf/Dog Hybrid Regulation - Two Rivers

    A wolf/dog hybrid is defined as any cross-breed resulting from the mating of a domesticated dog and a wolf, coyote jackal or dingo or resulting from the mating of any wolf/dog hybrid and another wolf/dog hybrid or a domesticated dog.