Intoxicating Beverages

  1. 5 - Premises to be Licensed - Oshkosh

    Learn how the City of Oshkosh has established resolutions for the licensing of alcoholic beverage establishments.

  2. 9 - Class "C" Licenses - West Allis

    Read an ordinance from West Allis for the licensing of restaurants serving alcohol.

  3. 36 - Underage Persons' Presence in Places of Sale

    Read an ordinance amending the provisions of the offenses and nuisances chapter Village of Crivitz Code of Ordinances relating to the presence of underage persons in places of sale of alcoholic beverages.

  4. 43 - Alcohol Beverages Regulation - Lake Delton

    Find an ordinance establishing general guidelines for alcoholic beverages, licensing, possession, and definitions.

  5. 117 - Grant of License After Construction

    Learn how Richland Center dictates the issuing of liquor licenses after construction of establishments.

  6. 132 - Restriction of Alcohol at City Pool & Fields

    This ordinance restricts the consumption of these beverages at the City swimming pool and athletic fields unless sold by a City-licensed vendor.