1. 24 - Siting Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

    Read a code relating to the location and design of wireless telecommunications facilities within the city.

  2. 34 - Accessory Uses & Structures - Kiel

    Read through a sample ordinance for accessories and structures.

  3. 47 - First Floor Dwelling Units - Rhinelander

    Find an ordinance regulating the building of first floor units.

  4. 60 - Airport Zoning - New Richmond

    Discover how New Richmond regulates airport zoning in this sample ordinance.

  5. 64 - Ordinances Governing Accessory Buildings

    Read an ordinance for zoning accessory buildings in Antigo.

  6. 74 - Official Map to Reserve Future Streets

    Look over an ordinance drafted to reserve future streets in development and zoning in Delafield.

  7. 80 - Telecommunication Facilities & Antennas

    The purpose and intent of this ordinance is to strike a balance between the federal interest concerning the construction, modification and siting of telecommunication towers and antennas.

  8. 85 - Prohibiting Poster Panels - Marinette

    Working in cooperation with the Plan Commission, the City of Marinette has established through ordinance the prohibition of poster panels.

  9. 85B - Structures - Port Washington

    Look over an ordinance establishing structure classifications within zoning districts.

  10. 92 - Home Occupation - Oconomowoc Lake

    Read an ordinance to repeal and recreate certain provisions in the zoning code of the Village of Oconomowoc Lake which relate to occupations or professions operated in the home.

  11. 98 - B1 Community Shopping District - Rhinelander

    Learn how the City of Rhinelander established zoning codes for shopping districts.

  12. 99 - Single-Family Residence District Conditional

    Read Rhinelander's zoning ordinance for single family residence districts.

  13. 100 - Single-Family Residence Permitted Uses

    Find a zoning ordinances establishing permitted uses for single-family residence districts.

  14. 101 - 2-Family Residence District Permitted Uses

    Read through an ordinance for zoning of 2-family residence districts.

  15. 102 - General Residence District Conditional Uses

    Look over an ordinance example guiding conditional use in general residence districts.

  16. 103 - R3 General Residence District - Rhinelander

    Examine a sample of a general residence district zoning ordinance.

  17. 104 - 2 Family Residence District, Conditional Use

    Access a sample ordinance on 2 family residence district conditional uses.

  18. 120 - Manufactured Housing - St. Croix Falls

    Find a sample ordinance which amends the zoning code for manufactured housing.

  19. 122 - Garages & Accessory Buildings - Random Lake

    This sample ordinance amends zoning codes for garages and accessory buildings in Random Lake.

  20. 123 - Ordinance Regulating Outdoor Light Fixtures

    The Village Board of Oconomowoc Lake has passed this ordinance to regulate the glare and power of outdoor light fixtures.

  21. 124 - Shared Garages - Madison

    The Common Council of Madison passed this ordinances regulating shared garages across property lines of abutting property owners.

  22. 126 - Design Requirements for Large Developments

    This sample ordinance establishes design requirements for large developments and developers.

  23. 131 - Establishment of Districts - Bayfield

    This ordinance from Bayfield establishes basic zoning districts.

  24. 133 - Swiss Architectural Theme Requirements

    View this sample ordinance which regulates building themes in a particular zoning district.

  25. 137 - Home Occupation Zoning - Ashwaubenon

    Examine a sample ordinance establishing home occupation zoning districts.

  26. 139 - Requirements for Residential Dwellings

    Access an ordinance to amend the City of Delavan Zoning Ordinance to establish minimum living area requirements for residential dwellings.

  27. 154 - Site Plan & Architectural Review - Mukwonago

    Read through an ordinance amending provisions of Mukwonago's Zoning Ordinance to create and implement Site Plan and Architectural Review.

  28. 155 - Site Plan Requirements - St. Croix Falls

    Access a city ordinance establishing regulations for site plans.

  29. 156 - Site Plan Application - St. Croix Falls

    This particular ordinance establishes forms for a site plan application and site plan checklist and establishes site plan application fees.

  30. 171 - Comprehensive Plan Sample Ordinance

    Read this comprehensive plan sample ordinance drafted by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

  31. 196 - Self-Storage Warehouses - Richland Center

    This ordinance allows storage units or warehouses to be added as a conditional use in multi-family residential districts in Richland Center.

  32. 202 - Historic Preservation - City of Lodi

    Read the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Ordinance of the City of Lodi, Wisconsin.

  33. 206 - Ordinance Regulating Quarrying - Sussex

    Examine this ordinance as a sample establishing laws for quarrying and blasting withing specific zoning districts.

  34. 207 - Planned Residential Golf Course District

    The Planned Residential Golf Course Overlay District is intended to permit developments that will be enhanced by coordinated area site planning, diversified location of structures, diversified building types, and/or mixing of compatible uses.

  35. 208 - Foundations - Village of Turtle Lake

    This ordinance mandates that all dwellings must be supported by a permanent foundation.

  36. 210 - Fence Code - City of Kenosha

    Read this fence code established for zoning codes related to fences.

  37. 211 - Automatic Sprinklers & Alarms Systems

    Examine this municipal code establishing zoning ordinances for automatic sprinklers and alarms.