A Public Official's Guide to Financial Literacy

published by Governing Magazine. "Many individuals enter government service to effect change, but you can’t accomplish much if you don’t speak the language of public finance. The goal of this guide is to help state and local leaders become financially literate and answer questions like: “How does my jurisdiction get and spend its money?” and “Are we in sound financial shape?” The guide provides technical knowledge, essential questions and examples of what not to do to give leaders a  core understanding of key public finance concepts."

Striking a Balance

Striking a Balance: Matching the Services Offered by Local Governments with the Revenue Realities, an ICMA White Paper (Presents a summary of the current financial trends faced by communities; the strategies adopted to deal with those challenges; and examples of successful citizen participation efforts.)

Breaking the Cookie Jar

A briefing on municipal finances answers these questions: What are the mechanics, how has municipal finance changed in the wake of the new budget, and what does it all mean? Read Dan Thompson's WERC presentation (PDF) to learn more.