Mobile Homes

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46. A mobile home is "set upon a foundation" under sec. 70.043(1), Stats., when the home is resting for more than a temporary time, in whole or in part, on some other means of support than its wheels. This definition rests on a distinction between temporary and permanent, recognizing that the legislature intended that the permanency of the mobile home was important in making a distinction between real and personal property. Ahrens v. Town of Fulton, 2002 WI 29, Case No. 99-2466 (March 26, 2002), affirming 2000 WI App 268.

45. Summarizes federal court of appeals decision upholding a Georgia county's zoning ordinance requiring that manufactured homes be built with a 4:12 roof pitch to qualify for placement in most residential districts within the county. Georgia Manufactured Housing v. Spaulding County, 148 F.3d 1304 (11th Cir. 1998). 12/31/98.

44. Summarizes federal court of appeals decision upholding a Texas municipality's ordinance barring "trailer coaches" from any lot within the city except in duly authorized trailer parks. Texas Manufactured Housing Ass'n, Inc. v. Nederland, Texas, 101 F.3d 1095 (5th Cir. 1996), cert. denied., 65 U.S.L.W. 3834 (U.S. June 24, 1997) (No. 96-1707). 8/1/97