58 - Trees & Shrubs on Public Grounds - Viroqua

Ordinance #58
Trees and Shrubs on Public Grounds - Viroqua

An Ordinance pertaining to trees and shrubs on public grounds.

The Common council of the City of Viroqua ordains as follows:

Section 1: Sections 12.20.020 through 12.20.060 of the Viroqua Municipal Code are created to read as follows:

.220.020. The Board of Park Commissioners may plant, transplant, remove, trim, spray and otherwise care for and protect all trees and shrubs on or in that part of every street, the grade of which has been established, lying between the lot line and the curb, and in all public parks or grounds belonging to the city and control all such planting and transplanting by others. The board may guard all trees within the city so as to prevent the spread of disease or pests and to eliminate dangerous conditions.

2.20.030. When ever the board proposes the setting out, planting or removing of any tree, it shall give two weeks written notice to the owner of the abutting lot or parcel of land or, if there be a tenant occupying said property, then to such tenant, of a time and place at which said contemplated work will be considered by the city; specifying in detail the street or portion thereof, upon or from which trees are proposed to be planted or removed, and the general nature and character of the changes and improvements contemplated.

2.20.040. The entire or any part of the cost of protecting, trimming, spraying, planting, renewing and removal of trees and shrubs between the lot line and the curb in front of any lot or parcel of land abutting on a street, avenue or boulevard may be chargeable to and assessed upon such lot or parcels of land. The governing body shall hold a public hearing on the proposed assessment, and shall give notice thereof by publishing a class 2 notice, under ch. 985.

2.20.050. The board shall keep a strict account of the costs of planting, protecting, renewing, removing, trimming, spraying and caring for trees and shrubs in front of each lot or parcel of land abutting on any street, and prior to November 10 in each year, shall make a report to the common council, of all work done for which assessments have been made as hereinbefore provided, stating and certifying the description of land, lots, parts of lots or parcels of land abutting on a street in which any such work shall have been done, and the amount chargeable to each such piece of property.

2.20.060. The amounts so reported shall be levied on said lots or parcels of land, respectively, to which they are chargeable and shall constitute a lien thereon and shall be collected as other special taxes are levied and collected in the city.

Section 2: This ordinance shall take force and be in effect upon passage and publication.