Classified Ads

The League is happy to help you connect with potential employees, potential vendor partners and other municipalities via our Classified Ad services. 

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. RFP Notices
  3. For Sale Items
Submissions for any of the three categories may be sent to the classified email:

Word documents can most easily be converted to the ad program. 

We try to post ads within 48 business hours of receipt.  Ads run through the deadline you assign to them or for one month if you list the ad as "open until filled."  You may always contact us to let us know the ad needs to be pulled earlier or extended longer.

"Hiring" includes tips on recruiting (PDF) - The Municipality, February 2022
Tips on writing a classified ad and classified ad trends (PDF) - The Municipality, February 2019 

League Members & Business Members

Member ads run at no charge. This includes current League member municipalities and members of the League Business Program.


The posting charge for a nonmember is $150 per ad. Please acknowledge in your email request that you understand this charge will be incurred, and please include the contact name of the person responsible for paying the bill and the billing address.  

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    Robin Powers

    Director of Marketing and Administration