Competitive Wisconsin

The League is an active member of Competitive Wisconsin, a nonpartisan public policy organization consisting of business, labor, education and agriculture leaders in Wisconsin who work together to focus attention on Wisconsin’s economic competitiveness. 


The mission of Competitive Wisconsin is to improve the economic climate of Wisconsin in order to encourage the expansion of existing business, enhance our ability to attract new businesses and create a robust environment for entrepreneurial and start-up activity. This has never been more relevant. Competitive Wisconsin's commitment to collaboration has never been more viable.

Input Sessions

Competitive Wisconsin has scheduled 11 briefings and input sessions across the state on Be Bold III. View the schedule of sessions (PDF) online. As a significant stakeholder in the region’s economic and workforce development, municipal leaders have been invited to attend and participate to examine regional issues and gather input that may be used in advancing research to help turbo-charge economic activities in several vital areas already producing real jobs and wealth in Wisconsin.