The Urban Alliance

The Urban Alliance is a forum of ideas, research and policy development for urban issues. Cheif Executives and Finance Directors from Wisconsin's larger municipalities gather at Urban Alliance meetings and events to share ideas, research, municipal topics and recommended policy solutions to the League and the Legislature. 

Any League member with a population of 10,000 or more may join the Urban Alliance. Urban Alliance pay an annual dues surcharge. This surcharge supports research and legislative advocacy. 


The President of the Urban Alliance is Mayor Justin Nickels of Manitowoc. 

The Vice President of the Urban Alliance is Mayor John Dickert of Racine. 

The Alliance is governed by its members, with an eleven-person Executive Committee. The Urban Alliance establishes its own annual budget and develops proactive legislative policy items for League board adoption. The Urban Alliance President and Vice-President serve on the League board of directors. For more information, please contact Executive Director Jerry Deschane or Assistant Director Curt Witynski.