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    The city is implementing a new application process that officials say provides ways to make more accurate final decisions to approve or deny a bartender's license. Beloit Daily News, July 27, 2017 ...
  2. Arts award nominees sought

    Arts Wisconsin is seeking nominations for the 2017 Arts in the Community Awards presented in partnership with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities. The awards honor communities and civic leaders around the state for championing the arts . . . The Country Today July 24, 2017
  3. Wisconsin GOP moves to relax property regulations

    Two Republican legislators introduced bills Thursday that would make it easier for people to sell and develop their land and for sand mine companies to win local permits. Local government groups blasted the bill as an attack . . . Todd Richmond Associated Press
  4. Will Court Ruling Help Rich Homeowners?

    Homes make up 72 percent of all real property in Wisconsin. Homeowners will pay more than two-thirds of the $9.6 billion in net property taxes that state and local governments will collect this year. The state Constitution requires a “uniform” tax system. Steven Walters for Urban Milwaukee July 17, 2017
  5. Sun Prairie's Astrella featured on League TV show

    The June guest on the League of Wisconsin Municipalities' “The Local Perspective” is President of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer for the village of Summit and Sun Prairie resident Chris Astrella. Chris Mertes, The Star
  6. Ephraim Trustees Embattled Over Sidewalks, Pedestrian Safety

    Tensions are rising between Ephraim village trustees as the deadline for the village to submit changes to the upcoming highway resurface plan looms. Trustees clashed over the cost, moral responsibility and legal liability of constructing sidewalks . . . Jackson Parr Peninsula Plus June 30, 2017
  7. Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules for Open Meetings Advocates

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with open meetings advocates Thursday in a case involving the Appleton Area School District. . . Laurel White Wisconsin Public Radio June 29, 2017
  8. How Big Box Stores Shift Their Property Taxes Onto Homeowners

    Something called the “Dark Store Loophole” lets companies like Wal-Mart shift their property taxes to homeowners and small merchants. This obscure [property tax dodge, which has been going on for more than two decades, has pitted Big Box retailers . . . Al Norman HUFFPOST June 27, 2017
  9. Alderman Johnson Represents Milwaukee at Local Government Day

    Cavalier Johnson, Alderman of the 2nd District, joined local government officials and staff from across the state for the First Annual Local Government and Utility Day on May 10 in Madison. City and village officials, as well as municipal . . . Milwaukee Independent May 15, 2017
  10. GOP Lawmakers Unveil Bills Targeting Big Box Stores

    Big box stores in Wisconsin are being targeted in a pair of Republican-backed bills unveiled Wednesday at the state Capitol. The bills unveiled Wednesday set up a fight pitting retail giants like Target, Menards and Walgreens against Wisconsin . . . By Shamane Mills and The Associated Press
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