Commissions FAQ 4

Can a city council or village board abolish any city/village commission or committee and assume its duties and responsibilities?

No. While most commissions and committees may be abolished and their duties assumed by a city council or village board, or committees thereof, there are some important exceptions. These include the board of police and fire commissioners, whose functions are set forth in secs. 61.65 and 62.13, Stats.; the board of review, secs. 70.46 and 70.47, Stats.; the board of zoning appeals, secs. 61.35 and 62.23(7)(e), Stats.; board of canvassers, secs. 7.30(4) and 7.37(12), Stats.; civil service board or commission, sec. 66.0509, Stats.; housing authority board of commissioners, sec. 66.1201, Stats.; and the library board, sec. 43.54, Stats.