Compatibility of Offices

  1. Compatibility of Offices 1

    Can a member of a municipality's governing body hold another office or position of employment with the municipality?

  2. Compatibility of Offices 2

    How is it that persons elected to a common council or village board can continue to serve on the fire department? Doesn't the compatibility of offices doctrine prevent governing body members from holding any other position of employment or another office while they are a member of the governing body?

  3. Compatibility of Offices 3

    Does the incompatibility of offices doctrine preclude a husband and wife from serving on the governing body at the same time?

  4. Compatibility of Offices 4

    Can a member of a common council or village board simultaneously serve as a county board supervisor?

  5. Compatibility of Offices 5

    Does Wisconsin law allow a municipal police officer to simultaneously serve on the governing body of his or her employer municipality?