1. Contracts FAQ 1

    When must competitive bidding be followed?

  2. Contracts FAQ 2

    What constitutes "public construction" under the bid law?

  3. Contracts FAQ 3

    Are any activities exempt from state bid law requirements?

  4. Contracts FAQ 4

    What kinds of municipal contracts don't have to be competitively bid under state law?

  5. Contracts FAQ 5

    May a municipality competitively bid a contract even if it is not required to do so by state law?

  6. Contracts FAQ 6

    May a municipality that has announced and initially followed competitive bidding procedures for a contract not involving public construction abandon the process and negotiate a contract with one who is not the low bidder?

  7. Contracts FAQ 7

    Is it possible to avoid the competitive bid law by dividing the work into a series of small contracts each of which are under $25,000?

  8. Contracts FAQ 8

    Is it possible for a municipality to avoid the competitive bid law by agreeing to purchase or lease-purchase property which a private developer proposes to develop or renovate on behalf of the municipality?

  9. Contracts FAQ 9

    How many times must a municipality publish an advertisement seeking bids on a public construction project?

  10. Contracts FAQ 10

    What should cities or villages do if no one bids on a public construction project?

  11. Contracts FAQ 11

    How should a municipality proceed when it receives identical low bids?

  12. Contracts FAQ 12

    May a municipality give preference to bids submitted by local contractors?

  13. Contracts FAQ 13

    May a municipality accept a bid submitted after the time bids were due?

  14. Contracts FAQ 14

    May a municipality negotiate on the basis of changed plans with the low bidder?

  15. Contracts FAQ 15

    Under what circumstances can a municipal public construction contract be amended to provide for additional work?

  16. Contracts FAQ 16

    Can municipalities in Wisconsin enter into design/build public construction contracts?

  17. Contracts FAQ 17

    Do municipal officers, such as the mayor, city attorney, chief of police or municipal employees such as administrator, director of public works or village engineer have authority, without approval of the governing body, to enter into a contract binding the municipality?

  18. Contracts FAQ 18

    Does the prevailing wage law apply when a private developer constructs public improvements as part of a development and then dedicates the improvements to the municipality?