1. Elections FAQ 1

    May the same person run for more than one municipal office at the same election? For example, may a person run for the office of village president and village trustee in the same election?

  2. Elections FAQ 2

    Is a single felony conviction sufficient to bar a person from holding an elected office?

  3. Elections FAQ 3

    When may or must a municipality conduct a primary election?

  4. Elections FAQ 4

    How soon after a local official has been elected may citizens petition for the official’s recall?

  5. Elections FAQ 5

    Must citizens petitioning for the recall of a local official show cause for why the official should be recalled?

  6. Elections FAQ 6

    What constitutes "a misdemeanor involving a violation of public trust” under section 3, article XIII of the Wisconsin Constitution?

  7. Elections FAQ 7

    By when must a candidate for an elective village or city office be a resident of the municipality or district from which elected in order to be eligible for office?

  8. Elections FAQ 8

    Must municipal election workers be paid at least minimum wage for each hour spent carrying out their duties?

  9. Elections FAQ 9

    Must a village or city hold a referendum election on an issue merely because a resident or group of residents requests one by petition?

  10. Elections FAQ 10

    What happens if an incumbent does not file a Certificate of Noncandidacy and then fails to file nomination papers? Is there a penalty? Can the person still run as a write-in candidate?

  11. Elections FAQ 11

    What procedures, if any, must write-in candidates follow?

  12. Elections FAQ 12

    Is a person convicted of a felony an eligible elector in Wisconsin?

  13. Elections FAQ 13

    What is “direct legislation” and what are its limits?

  14. Elections FAQ 14

    Can direct legislation be used for any type of ordinance?

  15. Elections FAQ 15

    Does state law ban all political activity within 100 feet of a polling place?

  16. Elections FAQ 16

    How can a village that currently uses a caucus to nominate candidates for elected office change to the use of nomination papers?