Elections FAQ 11

What procedures, if any, must write-in candidates follow?

There are virtually no procedures or rules which specifically relate to write-in candidates for local office. Although the lack of specific procedures and requirements relating to write-in candidates may seem puzzling at first glance, it makes sense when you consider that write-in candidates are considered candidates under state law and thus are subject to whatever requirements pertain to candidates in general.

Section 11.01(1) of the Wisconsin statutes defines “candidate” to mean “every person for whom it is contemplated or desired that votes be cast at any election held within this state whether or not the person is elected or nominated, and who either tacitly or expressly consents to be so considered.” Thus, write-in candidates, like other candidates, are required to comply with sections 11.05(2g) and (12) of the Wisconsin statutes which require that every candidate file a campaign registration statement (Form EB-1) no later than the time that he or she becomes a candidate as defined in sec. 11.01(2) of the Wisconsin statutes.