Employees FAQ 27

How does a community determine what the percentage change in CPI is for purposes of determining its limits on bargaining over base wages?

By calling the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.  Contact Peter Davis, WERC Legal Counsel:  (608) 266-2993;  peter.davis@werc.state.wi.us

State law, as modified by Act 10, provides as follows:

111.70 (1) (cm) “Consumer price index change” means the average annual percentage change in the consumer price index for all urban consumers, U.S. city average, as determined by the federal department of labor, for the 12 months immediately preceding the current date.

111.70 (4) (mbb) For purposes of determining compliance with par. (mb), the commission (i.e., WERC) shall provide, upon request, to a municipal employer or to any representative of a collective bargaining unit containing a general municipal employee, the consumer price index change during any 12−month period. The commission may get the information from the department of revenue.

The following information is posted on the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission Website:  http://werc.wi.gov/

By letter dated September 28, 2011, Secretary of Revenue Richard G. Chandler advised the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission that the CPI-U increase applicable to one year collective bargaining agreements with a term beginning January 1, 2012 is 2.01%

Commission requests for the CPI-U change for contracts with a term beginning January 1, 2011 and July 1, 2011 remain pending with the Department of Revenue.