Open Meetings Law

  1. Open Meetings Law FAQ 1

    Does the League have any outlines or articles explaining the requirements of the open meetings law?

  2. Open Meetings Law FAQ 2

    Must a common council, village board or other municipal governmental body allow a citizen to tape record or video tape an open session of the body?

  3. Open Meetings Law FAQ 3

    Can a governing body meeting in closed session exclude one of its members from a meeting of that body?

  4. Open Meetings Law FAQ 4

    Can members of a governmental body violate the open meeting law by communicating regarding city or village business via telephone or e-mail?

  5. Open Meetings Law FAQ 5

    Must a municipality comply with a written request from a citizen or organization to be sent notices of either some or all governmental meetings and agendas, or a written request to receive notice of all meetings and agendas concerning a particular subject matter?

  6. Open Meetings Law FAQ 6

    May a village or city clerk be excluded from a closed session?

  7. Open Meetings Law FAQ 7

    How specific does the notice of a closed session need to be?

  8. Open Meetings Law FAQ 8

    Is the regular use of public meeting notices that contain a non-specific agenda item like "such other matters as are authorized by law" or "miscellaneous business" or "such other matters as may come before the board" consistent with the notice requirements of the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law?

  9. Open Meetings Law FAQ 9

    What action can a governmental body take against a member who discloses confidential information obtained during a closed session?

  10. Open Meetings Law FAQ 10

    Can a city council or village board discuss general personnel matters in closed session under Wis. Stat. sec. 19.85(1)(b) or (c)?

  11. Open Meetings Law FAQ 11

    Do the open meeting law exceptions for closed sessions in Wis. Stat. sec. 19.85 compel the use of a closed session?

  12. Open Meeting Law FAQ 12

    Can a member of a governmental body, as a member of the public, bring up items not specifically designated on the agenda under the period of noticed public comment allowed by the Open Meetings law?

  13. Open Meeting Law FAQ 13

    How specific does an agenda item have to be to satisfy the open meeting law notice requirement?

  14. Open Meetings Law FAQ 14

    Does the Open Meeting law apply to city or village committees created by a city council or village board?

  15. Open Meetings Law FAQ 15

    Can a private entity be subject to the open meetings law?

  16. Open Meetings Law FAQ 16

    The open meeting law prohibits governmental bodies from using secret ballots to determine any election or other decision of the body unless such use is specifically authorized by statute.