Intoxicating Liquors FAQ 12

May a pizza parlor with a class "B" beer license deliver beer with pizza deliveries?

The answer is "yes" IF the sale of the beer actually takes place on the licensed premises, rather than off premises.  Wisconsin law forbids place-to-place deliveries, where the sale and delivery of alcohol beverages are made concurrently. With limited exceptions for catering, section 125.272 states that retail licenses issued under s. 125.25 and 125.26 authorize “only face-to-face sales to consumers at the premises described in the retail license or permit.”  That statutory language would prohibit a sale situation where someone calls and orders pizza and beer for delivery and then wants to pay over the phone or upon delivery. Thus, a pizza restaurant holding a retail license may sell alcohol beverages to customers only if the sale is consummated on the licensed premises, with the buyer and seller both physically present at the time of sale. This means the customer would need to stop at the pizza store to purchase the beer and the pizza and then go to the delivery location.