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Business Member Conspectus

  1. Business Member Information

    What is your area(s) of expertise, who are you trying to reach, and what resources do you have available to share?  Include any information you think is relevant to assist the League in making connections.  

  2. Target Audience:

    Who do you most desire to reach in cities and villages?

  3. Speaker Presentations/Classes:

    What presentation(s) do you wish to make or share that are prepared or outlined?

  4. Content Opportunities:

    What content/articles do you have prepared or outlined that you wish to share with out members?

  5. What are Your Other Desired Connection Points:

    What other goals, connections, or opportunities do you wish you could explore with the League?

  6. Any Questions For the League:

    What did we miss?  What else should we know?  

  7. Thank You!

    This information will be invaluable in helping us get you connected with our members.  Thank you for sharing it.  If something changes, if you have any additions, or if you have any questions please reach out to us.  Thank you for being a League business member!

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