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Municipal Plumbing Inspectors Institute

  1. Cancellation Policy: There is a $10.00 fee for handling any credit card refunds.
  2. Full refunds (minus the $10.00 handling charge) will be made until three days prior to the conference. Registration cancellations made later than three days prior to the conference will not be refunded.
  3. I require accommodations regarding a disability or dietary requirement:
    We will contact you to make arrangements.
  4. Tuition is $130 (members) and $155 (non-members) including Safety & Building fee. Banquet: $20. Guests: $40 (includes Wednesday reception, Thursday tour and banquet). Only officials of cities and villages that are currently members of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities may register as “members.”
  5. Member/ Nonmember:
  6. I will attend the Welcoming Reception Wednesday:
  7. Guest will attend the Welcoming Reception Wednesday:
  8. Guest will attend Thurs. Banquet:
  9. Member/Nonmember Fee: $0
  10. Banquet Fee: $0.00
  11. Guest Fee: $0.00
  12. Total Fees: $0.00
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