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Meeting Sponsorships INVOICE

  1. The League's meetings provide education and networking opportunities to thousands of municipal staff annually.
  2. We will confirm your event sponsorship within a few days of receiving your submission. Please direct questions to Robin Powers, Director of Marketing at
    Meeting sponsorship grants your organization a complimentary registration(s) with the sponsorship. Additional attendees can register at the member rate. Please use the invoice only registration form on the specific conference page on our website to register your first attendee. Additional attendees can use the registration form for that meeting to register at the member rate.
  3. With your sponsorship you receive the following:
  4. Complimentary meeting registration(s).

    We welcome you to attend all of the workshops, meals and special events. Sponsor complimentary registrations are granted per sponsorship level: Platinum: 7, Gold: 5, Silver: 3, and Bronze: 1.

  5. Additional Registrations
    Additional attendees are welcome to register at the League member price.
  6. A skirted table near the registration table.
    Staffing the table is not required. Set up is available starting the morning of the first day of the event. Your table is available to you through the close of the meeting.
  7. Your company name on any event promotion.
    As soon as your sponsorship is confirmed, your company name will appear on any promotional materials including the registration form mailed to local officials and staff, as well as on our website, in the League’s monthly print magazine and on the meeting program.
  8. A sign at registration co-branded with the League and your company name thanking all of the sponsors.
    Sponsors will be listed in alpha order.
  9. Social Media recognition
    The League has an active presence and an active following on social media, Including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln. We will tag your company where possible.
  10. Meetings available for Sponsorship
    Please note that all meetings are available for sponsorship on this form except the annual conference which has sponsorship info on the conference webpage. Conference sponsorships are granted on a first come first serve basis and availability may mean we cannot accommodate your request. We will confirm these with you after your request.
  11. February - WINTER Chief Executives Workshop (WEB)

    Intended audience is mayors, managers, and administrators.

  12. March - HR for Small Communities (WEB)

    The intended audience is anyone with human resource responsibilities.

  13. April - Building Inspector's Institute - (Includes Reception Table)

    Intended audience is building inspectors and those involved in building inspection.

  14. June - Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers (In Person)

    Intended audience is Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers.

  15. June - Municipal Attorneys Institute (In Person)

    Intended audience is attorneys, assistant attorneys and those providing legal services to municipalities.

  16. July - Basics of Budgeting (WEB)

    The intended audience is with those that handle IT, administrators, and clerks.

  17. August - SUMMER Chief Executives Workshop (In Person)

    Intended audience is mayors, managers, and administrators.

  18. October - League Annual Conference (In Person)

    Please see the League Annual conference web page for information on sponsoring there.  

  19. November - Police & Fire Commission (Web)

    Intended audience is for those involved in Police & Fire Commission work.

  20. December - Assessor's Institute (Web)

    Intended audience is Assessors, Deputy Assessors, and Appraisers.

  21. Step 2 - Please provide the following information:
  22. Step 3 - Total sponsorships for e-payment
  23. Platinum Sponsor
    Total Platinum Sponsorships here.
  24. Price
  25. Gold Sponsor
    Total Gold Sponsorships from above here.
  26. Price
  27. Silver Sponsor
    Total Silver Sponsorships from above here.
  28. Price
  29. Bronze Sponsor
    Total Gold Sponsorships from above here.
  30. Price
  31. Don't forgot to register your attendees for the meeting/institute/workshop that you are sponsoring.

    Please use the invoice only registration form available on the meeting page and, for your first attendee, leave a comment in the special note at the bottom of the form regarding the complimentary registration as part of your sponsorship. If the registration form is not live yet for the meeting you are sponsoring, we will notify you when it becomes available.

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