Publications FAQ 1

Where do I find information regarding publication requirements for cities and villages?

The general statute governing the publication of legal notices is ch. 985, Stats. The term "legal notice" is defined in ch. 985 to mean every notice required by law or by order of a court to be published in a newspaper or other publication and includes the publication of ordinances, resolutions, financial statements, budgets and the proceedings of governmental bodies. "Legal notices" also include election notices, notices of public hearings held by governmental bodies and certain judicial notices and notices of sale intended to inform persons of their duty or right to exercise certain rights within a specified time period.

Some statutes impose specific publication requirements for particular government actions (e.g, rezoning, annexation, etc.) However, a comprehensive list of such statutes does not exist. Accordingly, all relevant statutes should be reviewed to determine if there is a specific publication requirement for the proposed action.