Streets & Alleys FAQ 1

What is the proper procedure for changing the name of a street?

If the street to be renamed is within a recorded subdivision or certified survey map, then the renaming must be accomplished by the recording of an affidavit of correction under Wis. Stat. sec. 236.295. Section 236.20(4)(a), requires the name of each road or street in a subdivision plat to be printed on the plat. Section 236.295(1) specifies that correction instruments, such as affidavits to correct the names of streets on a recorded plat or certified survey map shall be recorded in the office of the register of deeds. Any affidavit correcting a street name set forth in a plat or certified survey map must be approved prior to recording by the governing body of the municipality in which the subdivision is located. Sec. 236.295(2).

There is no procedure set forth in the statutes for changing the names of streets that are not a part of a recorded subdivision. We have concluded in previous League legal opinions, Streets and Alleys 478 and 414, that the procedure to be followed for renaming such streets is entirely within the discretion of the governing body. The governing body may accomplish the renaming of streets outside of subdivisions by merely adopting an ordinance or resolution.