Workshop & Presenter Proposal Form

The League has multiple events in planning right now and we are looking for speaker proposals for many of them currently. You may be able to help us fill out our agendas with timely and relevant content. Submit a proposal today!  Programs seeking proposals:

  • Human Resources for Small Communities

Please note events and conferences are planned well in advance. 

2023 Annual Conference - Legacy

This year the League of Wisconsin Municipalities celebrates 125 years in service to municipalities large and small. As we take a look back at the remarkable legacy that our forebears have given us, we also take this opportunity to look forward to the legacy we hope to leave for the next generation of local government leaders. At our 125th Annual Conference in Green Bay, October 18-20, 2023, we invite our members to join us in celebrating the impact of the League and individual municipalities have had on life in Wisconsin.

Our 22 workshop offerings this year will emphasize the importance of leaving a legacy for the future. We invite workshop and speaker proposals that play to this theme. We are building a program that speaks to creating with purpose, acting boldly, and embracing a forward looking mindset in local government.

Workshops are generally 60-minutes total with a maximum of 45 minutes of presentation and 10-15 minutes of discussion/Q&A. The maximum number of speakers for each session is four, including the moderator. In rare circumstances, we may approve the inclusion of more than four speakers. 

Submit your ideas now through May 12, 2023 to be considered for our Annual Conference program.

Speaker Proposal Form for All League Programs