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  1. EDITORIAL: It’s time to pay attention to the dark store loophole

    Manawa is a quaint city in Waupaca County with roughly 1,300 people who found out the hard way the damage the dark store loophole can do in communities. Last year, TreeHouse Foods successfully argued in mitigation that the value of a food processing... Ben Rodgers, Editor, The Press
  2. VIDEO: Local officials push to close dark store loopholes

    The group implored candidates for governor to be a leader on closing the tax law loophole. WBAY2
  3. Many voters to see referendums on so-called 'dark store loophole'

    "The less in taxes that commercial properties have to pay the more everyone else has to pay and that's primarily homeowners and businesses," explained Witynski. Amber Luckett, Fox 11 News
  4. Five things to know about the 'dark store' referendum on midterm ballots

    "The one thing that gets lost in talking about the details is the reason local governments are concerned," said Curt Witynski, deputy director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities. "They're concerned about the fairness of the property-tax system." Natalie Wickman, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  5. ‘It’s not right:’ Elected officials urge candidates for governor to close tax loopholes

    "Our residents should not be having to incur this cost for an unfair tax shift," said Kathy Ehley, mayor of Wauwatosa. The leaders drafted a letter seeking relief from the so-called "dark store"/ "Walgreens loopholes".... Beverly Taylor, Fox 6 News
  6. Local Leaders Demand Big Store Tax Reform

    The effect of these loopholes is that property tax revenues from these large companies and corporations go down, and the tax burden paying for essential services like police and fire is shifted to homeowners and small business owners. Graham Kilmer, Urban Milwaukee
  7. Burlington to consider joining dark store tax battle

    Whenever big box retailers such as Walmart use the dark store loophole to avoid paying higher taxes, residents and small businesses pay the price, which has caused most state municipalities to urge lawmakers to stop the practice. Jason Arndt, Editor, My Racine County
  8. Panel wants property assessment loopholes closed

    Homeowners in Wisconsin already pay 70% of property taxes statewide. And Douglas County want to make sure that share doesn't grow. But a loophole in Wisconsin law is helping big box and chain stores use tax avoidance strategies that shift the burden.... Shelley Nelson, Superior Telegram
  9. La Crosse area officials: Dark store loophole unfair to homeowners

    What’s known as the dark store loophole unfairly shifts the tax burden from big box stores to homeowners and small businesses La Crosse’s elected officials said Monday during a town hall event with the area’s state representatives. Jourdan Vian, La Crosse Tribune
  10. Walmart sues city over tax funds

    MONROE — A well-known corporation has filed a lawsuit against the city to recover funds it claims the city took illegitimately through property taxes. Bridget Cooke, Monroe Times
  11. Groups make pitch for and against 'dark stores'

    For example, McHugh said the Walgreens store at 6125 Durand Ave. sold for roughly $6.3 million but, “When they appealed their assessment, they asked that it be lowered to $1.75 million. Ricardo Torres, Racine Journal Times
  12. Municipalities, businesses butting heads over “dark stores”

    The battle over so-called “dark stores” is creeping into more Wisconsin communities like Sturgeon Bay. According to the Wis Policy Forum, 79 Wisconsin communities had appeals of their property taxes filed against them in 2017.... Tim Kowols, Door County Daily News
  13. Are “Dark Store” Property Tax Challenges on the Rise?

    “Dark store” appeals are made by businesses – often retailers – seeking to lower their property tax assessments and overall tax bill. Our survey suggests they may be rising in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Policy Forum, Focus Newsletter #18
  14. 'Dark store' appeals on the rise in Wisconsin

    Jerry Deschane, executive director of the League, said he hoped the latest round of appeals by large retailers would get lawmakers' attention. "This thing is a snowball and the more it's allowed to run downhill, the bigger it's going to get," he said. Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  15. Shifting the Tax Burden

    Shifting the tax burden: If plaintiffs win lawsuits over property tax assessments, taxpayers could see $561K on their tab Taxpayers could be on the hook for $561,183 if plaintiffs in 11 civil lawsuits challenging property tax assessments filed . . . . Christena T. O’Brien, Leader-Telegram
  16. City, Walmart settle value dispute--for now

    A dispute between Walmart and Monona officials over the value of the business’ property has been settled, with a few elected officials saying it’s the best the city could hope for in the short term. Kevin Passon for The Herald-Independent
  17. Dark Store Reform Important to All of Us

    The city of Oshkosh is taking a stand to address a disturbing trend in property valuation. This trend is shifting the bur-den of property taxes from big-box retail stores to homes and small businesses. The term you may be familiar with is “dark store.” Oshkosh Mayor Seven Cummings, Oshkosh Herald
  18. Lasse: Dark store Theory is a con

    I am a developer in the city of Janesville and have worked on numerous projects over the last 25 years including the Kmart/Festival redevelopment, Oasis/Menards redevelopment, Castle Metals, Upper Lakes Foods, IPM Foods and ANGI Energy Systems . . . . Tom Lasse, GazetteXtra
  19. West Allis voters loudly demand Legislators close the so-called dark store loophole

    Local voters in Tuesday's primary election stood solidly behind West Allis officials in wanting the state legislature to close the so-called dark store loophole that has resulted in big-box stores getting drastic reductions in their property tax . . . . Jane Ford-Stewart, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  20. 10 new lawsuits protest Eau Claire tax bills

    Ten additional civil lawsuits — seeking more than $458,000 in property tax refunds — have been filed against the city of Eau Claire. Six of those have been filed by KT Real Estate Holdings . . . concerning six Kwik Trip locations; two by Menard Inc. . . Christena T. O'Brien, Leader-Telegram 8-1-18
  21. Marshfield may join Dark Store fight

    The city of Marshfield may join the Dark Store tax loophole campaign, as Wisconsin municipalities band together against some “big box” retailers. The loophole involves active retail stores being taxed as if they were . . . . Chris Leonhardt, Hub City Times
  22. Janesville Residents Could See Higher Tax Bill due to Dark Store Law Suites

    The property tax bill of an average Janesville home could increase by more than $26 if pending property assessment appeals against the city are successful. Janesville is involved in 11 pending appeals from local businesses. They are seeking a . . . . Janesville Gazette Xtra
  23. Dark Store Loophole: Walmart and Menards Take Action Against City to Lower Assessed Value

    City Communicates OnFocus – The Finance, Budget and Personnel Committee approved making a $2,500 donation to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities to help in their fight against the Dark Store Loophole currently used in Wisconsin. “Wal-Mart and . . . . Focus on Marshfield
  24. Roundy's sues Shorewood over 'excessive' Metro Market assessment

    Roundy's has filed a lawsuit against the village, claiming the assessed value of the Metro Market is "excessive." The village has assessed the two-story grocery store at $25.3 million, but the complaint filed by Roundy's claims the grocery store . . . . Jeff Rumage, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8-8-18
  25. City Manager Mark Freitag, Janesville, Dark Store Op-Ed

    In an editorial published August 5, 2018, the Janesville Gazette criticized the City for advocating for the state to put an end to the “dark store” property assessment loophole which shifts the property tax burden from large corporations . . . . Mark Freitag, Janesville Gazette
  26. City may aid dark store lobbying efforts

    Monona city officials appear to have temporarily settled a pair of lawsuits by Walmart challenging its property assessment, but that doesn’t mean the city is giving up on the broader issue. Alders on Monday will consider a resolution to donate. . . . Kevin Passon for The Herald-Independent
  27. Sturgeon Bay Wal-Mart gets reassessed in dark store case

    The city of Sturgeon Bay and Wal-Mart will head to mediation this fall to discuss the store’s current property assessment. Last September, the Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust filed a suit against the city in Door County Circuit Court . . . Tim Kowols, Door County News, July 20, 2018
  28. Pleasant Prairie approves agreement for hotel development

    PLEASANT PRAIRIE — The Village Board here has unanimously approved a developer’s agreement for a future corporate campus with a hotel and other services in the LakeView Corporate Park. Terry Flores, Kenosha News in The Journal Times
  29. With bills blocked, get familiar with 'dark store' referendum

    Gov. Scott Walker is ready to sign bipartisan legislation to close the “dark stores” loophole that allows big retailers to curtail their tax assessments. He made that clear during his visit to Kenosha for the Kenosha Civic Veterans Parade. Kenosha News, July 9, 2018
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