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  1. Growing Concern Over Dark Store Loophole

    The “dark store” controversy now ranks with the failure to pay for long-term highway construction as the most difficult issues facing the governor and legislators seeking reelection in November. Stevens Walters, Urban Milwaukee
  2. Democratic legislators committed to closing ‘dark store loophole’

    State Rep. Jimmy Anderson and other Democratic legislators are assuring Dane County Board members and other local officials of their commitment to legislation that would close the “dark store loophole” used by big box retailers to lower their tax. . . The Herald Independent April 4, 2018
  3. Outagamie county sets referendum on dark store tax loopholes

    APPLETON - Voters in Outagamie County will get an opportunity to add their voice to the debate over Wisconsin's so-called dark store tax loopholes. The County Board voted unanimously Tuesday to hold an advisory referendum on the issue . . . Duke Behnke, USA Today Network-Wisconsin
  4. Council denies excessive tax claims

    During open session, the Menomonie City Council passed a resolution asking state legislators to approve current legislation that would close property law loopholes used by some national chain stores to substantially reduce the property taxes they pay. Barbara Lyon The Dunn County News
  5. Compromise on how to tax large retailers falls apart in wee hours of Assembly finale

    A last-ditch bid in the state Assembly to address efforts by large retailers to lower their property-tax assessments, which critics say shifts tax costs to homeowners, has collapsed, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said early Friday. Mark Sommerhauser Wisconsin State Journal
  6. WalMart Wants Tax Refund Due to "Dark Store Theory"

    Wal-mart is contesting the property assessment of its Minocqua store, contending the property is worth much less and thus it’s due a refund of thousands of dollars it paid in property taxes. Dean S. Acheson
  7. City takes on 'dark store' tax strategy

    The City Council may take action Monday on a resolution that would ask the state Legislature to act on ending “dark store” strategies in the city and state. As defined by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, “dark store theory” is . . . . Ben Rueter Leader-Telegram
  8. Close the Dark Stores Tax Loophole

    Would GOP legislators rather raise property taxes for others than lose political donations? Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Burlington) declared that legislation to reign in . . . . State Sen. Janis Ringhand, Urban Milwaukee
  9. Columbus wants Dark Store loophole closed

    The city of Columbus joined leaders across Wisconsin in designating Dec. 11 as “Dark Store Day” to draw attention to legislation designed to close the dark store loophole. As big box retail chains and single tenant commercial properties use these. . . Columbus Journal December 11, 2019
  10. Wisconsin 'dark store' cases threaten to hike your property taxes

    Appleton Post-Crescent Large chain-store retailers are trying to cut their property assessments by more than $700 million across Wisconsin — potentially forcing other taxpayers to pay more to fund local public services, a USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin... Madeleine Behr, Doug Schneider and Haley BeMiller
  11. Mayor Fights for Fairness

    Superior Mayor Jim Paine joined local leaders across Wisconsin to designate Dec. 11 as Dark Store Day. The goal was to call attention to legislation designed to close the "dark store loophole," property tax avoidance tactics that aren't available to. . . Shelly Nelson, Superior Telegram
  12. Local leaders discuss big box tax implications

    Provisions in a newly proposed bill could halt the "Dark Store Strategy" in which commercial property owners argue for the same lower tax assessment given to other stores in town that are vacant. At the heart of the issue: Should a big box store . . . . Fox 11 News
  13. A Recent Court Ruling Shines New Light on the Dark Store Appraisal Theory

    On Friday morning, October 20, at the Hotel Phillips in downtown Kansas City, word spread among those attending IAAO’s Fall Leadership Days that the Michigan Supreme Court had reached a much-anticipated decision on a big-box/dark store case. Magazine Association of Assessing Officers
  14. Dark Store Day Shines Light on Corporate Loophole

    Local municipal leaders supported by the Wisconsin League of Municipalities urged people to contact their state representatives on Monday, Dec. 11, Dark Store Day. Dark Store Day was formed from a growing concern . . . . Ben Rogers, The Press
  15. City leaders gather in Ashwaubenon for "Dark Store Day"

    It's a tax avoidance strategy by commercial retailers such as Menards, Walgreens, and CVS Who ask to pay property taxes equal to stores that are vacant or boarded up, when in reality, their stores are booming with business. Jordan Lamers, Wearegreenbay.com
  16. In Ashwaubenon, cities and villages demand legislature close dark-stores loophole

    Local leaders from Oshkosh to Howard gathered in Brown County on Monday to demand state lawmakers change a law that they say shifts property tax burdens from chain retailers to homeowners and small businesses. . . . Doug Schneider USA TODAY NETWORK Green Bay Gazette
  17. Dark Store Day: 19 mayors speak out against tax loophole that allows some big box retailers to pay l

    Nineteen city and village mayors, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Monday, December 11th spoke out against so-called "dark store" practices. The mayors called it a tax loophole that allows big box retailers to pay millions less in taxes . . . . Jonathon Gregg, Fox 6
  18. Meijer tax appeal costs Merrillville $2.3M

    Merrillville Town Council is tightening its purse strings after losing a tax appeal from Meijer totaling almost $2.3 million. "We'll see a salary ordinance with no raises because of this and we may have to lay some people off," Town Manager . . . . Karen Caffarini, Chicago Post-Tribune
  19. Big box, Small tax bill

    Monona resident Peter McKeever wasn’t sure how many people would show up at the community meeting he co-organized to raise awareness about the so-called “dark store” tax loophole and the lawsuit that Walmart has filed against the city of Monona. Allison Geyer Isthmus November 22, 2017
  20. Lawmakers want to close ‘dark-store’ tax loophole

    Local government officials are backing two GOP bills they say would protect them from undergoing costly legal challenges spurred by big-box stores looking to lower their property taxes. But others countered the two bills target one type of business. . . WisPolitics.com
  21. Baraboo joins tax fight against retailers

    Baraboo is joining communities statewide in asking the state Legislature to close a tax loophole exploited by big-box retailers. On Tuesday, the City Council voted unanimously to support a resolution asking for legislation to eliminate the “dark stores” Ben Bromley Baraboo News Republic
  22. Guest column: ‘Dark store’ loophole must be closed

    There’s an issue citizens of the city of Monona and residents across the state of Wisconsin should be aware of, called the “dark store” loophole. Big box stores like Menards, Target and Walmart, to name a few, are successfully arguing in court that . . . Andrew Kitslaar The Herald-Independent
  23. Reilly supports bills against 'dark store' tax assessments

    Says trend saves for big-box stores, increases tax burden on homeowners Hannah Weikel Freeman Staf July 20, 2017f
  24. States Forced to Address ‘Dark Store’ Valuation Theory

    A growing list of states will revise their property tax codes to help municipalities cope with revenue losses attributable to big box retailers’ widespread use of the “dark store” theory of valuation to cut their assessments, according to . . . Michael J. Bologna for Bloomberg BNA June 29, 2017
  25. Wisconsin State Lawmakers Fight Back Against Dark Store Loophole

    Madison - Republican lawmaker Robert Brooks introduced two assembly bills with the help of Duey Stroebel of Saukville and Roger Roth of Appleton, these bills aim to stop the dark store loophole, today the Assembly Committee of Ways and Means . . . . Steven Dent We Are Green Bay June 29, 2017
  26. How Big Box Stores Shift Their Property Taxes Onto Homeowners

    Something called the “Dark Store Loophole” lets companies like Wal-Mart shift their property taxes to homeowners and small merchants. This obscure [property tax dodge, which has been going on for more than two decades, has pitted Big Box retailers . . . Al Norman HUFFPOST June 27, 2017
  27. City to state: Hurry up on 'dark store' legislation

    The City of Sheboygan is throwing its support behind Wisconsin lawmakers’ efforts to pass “dark store” legislation that could affect how much state businesses pay in local property taxes. McLean Bennett USA Today Network WI
  28. Bills to Stop Big Retailers from Reducing their Property Tax Wins Wide Support

    The Village of Pleasant Prairie, along with scores of other Wisconsin municipalities, have expressed their vehement support for two bills to be introduced Monday in the State Legislature to fight attempts by big box retailers to reduce their property tax. By Long Hwa-shu for theYOUJournal
  29. Wisconsin Expected to Tackle Dark Store Controvery

    Wisconsin lawmakers will be asked to remedy two gaps in the property tax code that could shift much of the local tax burden from big box retailers such as Lowes Cos. Inc., Home Depot Inc. and . . . April 6, 2017 Bloomberg BNA
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