2015-2017 State Budget

What was in the State Budget Affecting Municipalities?
In this article Curt Witynski summarizes Act 55, the 2015-2017 State Budget.

Budget Issues

State Budget Veto Request Letter
In a letter to Governor Walker (PDF), the League requests that he veto policy items that interfere with local control and negatively impact the ability of municipalities to serve their citizens.

League Recommendations on State Budget Bill
Jerry Deschane and Curt Witynski prepared a memo (PDF) to the Joint Committee on Finance urging changes to items of critical concern to cities and villages.

Summary of Governor Walker’s 2015-17 State Budget
An analysis of the Governor’s recommendations and their impact on municipalities by Curt Witynski, Assistant Director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

More Budget Issues
Property Tax Issues
Levy Limits
Current law severely restricts the amount of unused levy capacity that municipalities can carry forward. Read the League's talking Points on Levy Limit Carry Over from March 6, 2015.

Elimination of Local Government Property Insurance Fund

The League has prepared a model resolution opposing this proposal in the state budget bill, March 6, 2015.