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The #WIMuniExpertise series of webinars are provided by municipal staff with issue expertise. Webinars will be available on demand after the broadcast at the links below.  

Have an idea for a webinar and an expert in your municipality? Contact Gail Sumi at email.  

Racial Equity

February 14 - 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.  Will be rescheduled to April.
City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

Affirmative Action

March 14 - 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

Racial Equity

April TBD - Rescheduled from February
City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

Municipal Assessment

City of Wauwatosa City Assessor 

Archived #WIMuniExpertise Webinars

Service Animals & the Law

November 8, 2018 with Jason Glozier, City of Madison Department of Civil Rights - Intended for municipal staff and individuals involved with policy development, this webinar covers topics such as limited inquiry, what constitutes an individually trained task, and which groups of animals are allowed in which settings. Thanks to the City of Madison Information Technology Media Team for providing the webinar platform.  

The webinar is available on demand here

Protected Classes

January 10 with Alyssa Riphon and Byron Bishop City of Madison Department of Civil Rights

Closing the enforcement gap between “Employment, Housing and Public Accommodation’s” discrimination, for a City of any size, while trying to break down silos with community organizations is a challenge for any Municipality. As a government agency, it is difficult to build trust throughout all identities within a community. Having protected classes can increase public awareness while balancing discrimination law and one’s individual v. Civil/Human Rights. The City of Madison has 28 protected classes, the most extensive in our country today. A Protected Class is: any group of individuals with one or more identified characteristics designated by law for protection. This webinar will help any municipality better understand what Protected Classes are, their meaning and how they can help any municipality determine which ones might work for your community.

The webinar is available on demand here.