2013 Approved Resolutions

Number 2013 -1 Improving Wisconsin's Economy by State and Local Governments Working Together
Whereas, Governor Walker and legislative leaders have made job creation and economic growth their top priority; and

Whereas, municipalities are the foundation of Wisconsin’s economy and local leaders share the same goal of job creation and economic vitality;

Whereas, municipalities are where most of Wisconsin lives, works, and becomes educated;

Whereas, industry, manufacturing, and commerce occur almost exclusively in municipalities;

Whereas, for the state to flourish, state and local leaders must work collaboratively;

Whereas, a thriving state-local relationship is critical to the success of our state and should be invested in and nurtured.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in conference assembled on October 17, 2013, urges the Governor and the Legislature to work collaboratively with municipal leaders to accomplish the critical goals of job creation and economic growth.

Be it Further Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities urges the Legislature and the Governor to enact the following three economic development bills:
  • AB 147/SB 132, Increasing the Historic Rehabilitation Income and Franchise Tax Credit from 10% to 20%.
  • AB 289/SB 252, Allowing Municipalities to Require DOR to Redetermine the Base Value of Certain Poorly Performing TIF Districts.
  • AB 416, Allowing an Environmental Remediation TID to Receive Tax Increments from a Donor TID.

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