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The League and League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance are partnering with the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service (WIPPS) to provide training, information and consultation for elected leaders in conflict management.


Conflict Management Column

by Eric Giordano, Ph.D., Executive Director, Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, University of Wisconsin System published in the The Municipality.

It's Time for Ethical Communication (PDF) September 2020 "Ethical Communication is an effective collaborative approach to resolving interpersonal conflict."

Why We Feel so Right Doing the Wrong Thing (PDF) January 2021 "Can we overcome this cycle of distrust and begin to reconcile our differences or are we locked into a predestined future of political strife and unrest? Fortunately, there is something we can do about it."

Brownies, Brains and Information Habits, Part 1 (PDF) March 2021 "Social science research shows over and over again that people with deeply held political convictions—irrespective of political ideology—can consume the exact same information yet come to opposite conclusions about what is true. In other words, accessing shared facts is not enough to change minds. To make matters worse, it is not clear that we are even consuming the same information."

Brownies, Brains, and Information Habits, Part II (PDF) May 2021 "(S)ocial science research shows that people with deeply held convictions – irrespective of political ideology – often consume the same information yet come to opposite conclusions about what is true. Accessing shared facts, therefore, is not enough to change minds. But what if we could change our environment to reduce exposure to poor news sources and one-sided information and fundamentally change how we consume news?"

A Time for De-escalation (PDF) July 2021 "It is important to distinguish between the short-term goals of de-escalation in relation to longer-term goals of conflict resolution. De-escalation is primarily focused on removing us from the precipice of an acute conflict; if done effectively, it can lay the groundwork for a deeper conflict resolution process designed to rebuild trust, restore relationships, and prevent future conflict."

Restoring Equilibrium in Our Relationships (PDF)September 2021 “Being forced to navigate an increasingly complicated and divisive world reminded me of some game theory principles I learned in graduate school. Game theory is a set of analytical tools designed to explain behaviors and outcomes when decision-makers interact.”

Conflict Management Consultation 

This service is brought to you by League Mutual (LWMMI) and the League.

WIPPS will provide one-on-one consultation where a community has a complex or longstanding conflict management challenge. The cost of this consultation will be negotiated between WIPPS and the individual municipality, except in cases where League Insurance deems it advisable to support one of its insured municipalities. Learn more "League Conflict Management Resource" (PDF)

To access this service, contact Matt Becker, CEO of League Mutual (LWMMI) at email if your municipality is insured by LWMMI.  If you are not insured by League Mutual, contact Eric Giordano at email to seek an initial consultation and discuss fees.

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October 14, 2020 - 122nd Annual Conference Presentation (PDF) by Eric Giordano, WIPPS