Transition Guidelines

Please send any transitions, changes, corrections and additions to Robin Powers at email. Please note that due to space and magazine production cost concerns we cannot recognize every personnel change in all positions in all of our municipalities.  We simply don't have the resources to accomplish that in the magazine and thus have to follow the guidelines below.  We do update our database with that information as needed however.

Guidelines for transitions:

  • We produce the magazine two months in advance of shipping date to get it to you on time. This means it will take time to get transition submissions into print and also time to correct anything we missed.  
  • We do not list transitions for positions for which there is not a corresponding educational program.  This is a space use restriction.
  • We do not generally highlight retirements of people in elected positions as we lack the available space to accommodate them all.  An average of 800 elected positions turn over across Wisconsin every April.
  • We do attempt to accommodate obituaries of long serving municipal officials were we can.  A brief bio of the public service and photo are helpful with these submissions.

The League values all the officials that help make local government work for all of us.  Although we have limits to what we can recognize, we do supply the magazine free of charge to any member municipal official that requests it.  We also update the relevant parts of our database with your changes even if they are not recognized in the magazine.  As mentioned above, there is also a period of complete database updating that occurs post April election that sees 800+ official changes and requires over two months of work for us to catch up.  Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated as we may not get to your updates as quickly as desired.  

We do want to hear from you if we missed a change or if you have any questions about transitions.  Thank you!