Grants Assistance

Resources Spreadsheet

There are numerous firms and organizations in Wisconsin who work with municipalities. Our spreadsheet includes organizations who have indicated to us that they are willing to provide grant services. 

Grants Assistance Spreadsheet (Updated 12/16/2021) The spreadsheet will download to your computer.

Local Government Education at University of Wisconsin Madison

Provides grants and other training: 
Upcoming Webinars
Archived Webinars

Year-Round Opportunities




Other State/Federal Grants 


Additional Resources 


General Resources

•Federal Grants – Grants.Gov -
•State of Wisconsin Grants – DOA -
•The Foundation Center,
•Research Libraries - Funding Information Network locations,
•Madison Community Foundation,
•The Community Tool Box,
•The Wisconsin Philanthropy Network,
•Council on Foundations,
•Chronicle of Philanthropy,
•Inside Philanthropy,
•PND by Candid,
•Local Government Center,

Thanks to the Daniel Foth, Local Government Education Specialist at Local Government Education for this list.