Critical Local Services Funding

It's official! Gov. Evers signed the Shared Revenue Bill. This is truly a historic day! Thank you LEAGUE MEMBERS for your hard work and dedication. It was a bipartisan success and can all be proud of our efforts!

The League hosted a Regional Thank you Tour visiting seven stops around the state to meet with our members and honor key legislative leaders. In addition to legislative relationship building, we heard from our members, issues and important topics impacting cities and villages across Wisconsin along with networking and making connections. Thank you to everyone who attended! 

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7 Thank You Tour

Please see the documents below:

2023 Wisconsin Act 12

Legislative Council Act Memo

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Supplemental Funding Allocations  NEW- July 10, 2023

League Complete Summary Updated 8-24-23

Act 12: What comes next  (PDF presentation 8-24-23)

We appreciate you taking the time to thank those who worked so hard on this bill.

Please read the documents carefully and fill in the correct information for your City/Village and remove League details.

Taxpayers and municipalities are tired of being overly reliant on property taxes to pay for their basic needs including critical local services. Reforming the broken system of funding local governments is the most impactful way to keep property taxes down while funding basic needs.

Local Government Funding Proposal Highlights 05-03-23 (PDF)

Find your Legislators (map) 

Assembly Bill 245 dedicates one penny of the state's sales tax to fund local units of government. The legislation also provides a supplemental inflationary increase and attaches both current shared revenue and the supplemental payment to the growth in the state's sales tax moving forward. Below is a chart depicting sales tax collections in the past 20 years. 

Sales Tax Graph

League Press Releases & Articles 

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State Support of First Responders Graph

Background Resources

Critical Local Services Funding Presentation (PDF)

by Toni Herkert, League's 124th Annual Conference, October 20, 2022

Police, Fire, EMS

Do Wisconsin’s Local Fire and Emergency Medical Services Need Resuscitation? (PDF) 

Rob Henken, President, Wisconsin Policy Forum, The Municipality, January 2022

Net New Construction Resources from Local Government Education at UW Extension 


Advocacy Webinar - January 12

This is the moment when you can make a difference for the future of your community! Join us to wordsmith your personal "elevator speech." You can use it when talking with Legislators and your constituents about the need to fund critical local services differently and reset the partnership with the state.

Presentation (pdf)