2008 Approved Resolutions

  1. 2008-02
  2. 2008-03
  3. 2008-04
  4. Economic Stimulus Resolution
Whereas, the 2007-09 state budget, Act 20, extended property tax levy limits on municipalities until November 2009; and

Whereas, when Governor Doyle used his veto pen to modify the levy limit for 2007 from 2 percent to 3.86 percent, he deleted language in the 2007-2009 budget bill allowing municipalities to carry forward into future years any unused levy capacity; and

Whereas, not allowing municipalities to carry forward unused levy capacity forces growing communities to consider taxing to the maximum allowed so that they don’t lose the levy capacity for future years.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in conference assembled on October 23, 2008 hereby urges the Governor and state legislature to restore language allowing municipalities to carry forward into the future any unused levy capacity under state imposed levy limits.