Model Resolution Opposing County Assessment

Model Resolution Opposing County Assessment Proposal in the State Budget Bill
Whereas, Governor Walker recommends in his 2015-2017 state budget proposal shifting from municipal assessment to county assessment of property values for property tax purposes by 2017; and

Whereas, moving assessment responsibilities from the town, village, and city level to the county, which has never been engaged in the assessment of property, will reduce local control and increase costs to the taxpayers; and

Whereas, the costs of a county assessment system accomplishing 100% market valuations annually will be on average $25 per parcel statewide, which is significantly more than what many communities currently spend on assessment services; and

Whereas, The Governor’s proposal arbitrarily establishes 2015 as the base year for determining a municipality’s payment to the county for assessment services, which will leave some communities who happen to be in the midst of a revaluation that year paying substantially more than other communities; and

Whereas, property owners will lose the convenience of board of review proceedings in their own municipality by having to travel to county sites for board of review; and

Whereas, the state’s concerns over current assessment practices are better addressed outside of the state budget process.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City/Village of ___________________ opposes the provision in the 2015-2017 state budget bill shifting from municipal to county assessment and urges the Wisconsin State Legislature to remove the provision from the state budget;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the State of Wisconsin, local governments, assessors, and other stakeholders should study how the current assessment system can be improved and jointly recommend a set of changes, if any are found necessary, to improve municipal assessment practices without necessarily eliminating the current system.

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