Sample Room Tax Media Release

League of Wisconsin Municipalities Model Media Release for you to adapt and use either with adoption of the League’s sample resolution (or without.) For questions – contact Gail Sumi via email or by phone at 608-267-2380. Please send me a link or a copy of any press you get. Thank you!

City/Village of **** Opposes Proposed Changes to Room Tax


Municipality/Date - The City Council /Village Board of **** adopted a resolution at their meeting last night opposing the changes to the state’s room tax law that are being proposed by the Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association and have been included in the state’s draft budget.

“The proposal will interfere with our ability to provide the needed services that help make our community a meeting and tourism destination,” said ****. “We send the ambulance to the hotel if someone has a heart attack and make sure the streets are plowed, but beyond that we provide a safe, vibrant community that people want to come and visit.” ***(Feel free to fill these sentences with the services and amenities that resonate most in your community – mention the run/walk, festival, major convention, art and culture that draw people and benefit the community and its small businesses.)***

The impact on City/Village is **** (If you need help with this, let us know. This would be a good place to use equivalents, for example “$000 is the equivalent of ½ of our snowplowing budget, or the equivalent of one firefighter…”)

The proposed changes were added to the state budget by the Legislature’s budget writing committee on a vote of 9 to 7 in May and will next be considered by both houses of the Legislature as part of the budget. If approved, the budget then goes to the Governor for his signature.

“If it gets to the Governor’s desk, we’ll ask for a veto,” said Jerry Deschane, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Executive Director. The City/Village is working with the League to oppose the room tax changes. The League represents Wisconsin’s cities and villages.

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