2002 Approved Resolutions

  1. 2002-1
  2. 2002-2
  3. 2002-3
Whereas, taxpayers in cities and villages pay county property taxes even for services they do not receive from the county because such services are provided by the city or village; and

Whereas, some examples of this double taxation are county sheriff patrol services, highway services, planning and zoning administration, and parks; and

Whereas, The Wisconsin Legislature and governor have recognized the inequity of property taxpayers paying twice for certain services and state law currently allows municipalities to opt out of paying the county levy for library services and public health department functions; and

Whereas, double taxation means that city and village property taxpayers are subsidizing property taxes for those jurisdictions who rely upon the county to provide services; and

Whereas, the double whammy subsidy paid by residents of many cities and villages results in a disparity between urban and rural tax rates.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the League of Wisconsin Municipalities in conference assembled on October 25, 2002, urges the Governor and the Legislature to enact legislation exempting city and village taxpayers from paying county property taxes for services the county does not provide to residents of the city or village.