Developing Leauge's Legislative Policy

Developing the League's Legislative Policy
By: Curt Witynski, Assistant Director
A main purpose of the League, as spelled out in its constitution, is to advocate on behalf of municipalities before the state Legislature. This article explains how the League develops positions on legislative issues and describes how local officials can participate in the process.

The League's position on legislative proposals is based on long-standing policies and conference resolutions. League legislative policy is established in two ways: (1) by resolutions adopted by the membership at the League's annual conference; and (2) by the Board of Directors pursuant to recommendations made by the Advisory Committee on Legislation.

League Resolutions

At the League's annual conference each fall members have the opportunity to adopt resolutions establishing or changing League legislative policy. Copies of all League resolutions adopted since 1998 are posted on the League's website.

The governing body of any member municipality may submit a proposed resolution for consideration at the annual conference in October. Proposed resolutions must be published in the Municipality prior to the Annual Conference. In order to meet the publication requirement, all proposed resolutions must be submitted in writing to the League's office by August 15 each year. The Board of Directors may waive the publication requirement and authorize the League's Resolutions Committee to act on a resolution submitted after the publication deadline.

The Resolutions Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed resolutions and deciding whether they may be submitted for conference action. No resolutions may be considered by the conference unless recommended for conference action by the Resolutions Committee.

The Resolutions Committee consists of 33 experienced municipal officials, one from each state senate district, appointed by the League president.

Board of Directors & Advisory Committee on Legislation
The Board of Directors establishes the League's legislative agenda for each biennium and determines League positions on individual items of legislation. The Advisory Committee on Legislation assists the Board in setting League legislative policy. The Advisory Committee meets two weeks before each regular board meeting while the legislature is in session, reviews proposed legislation affecting municipalities, and makes recommendations to the Board for final action.

The League president appoints municipal officials to serve on the Advisory Committee on Legislation. Membership typically consists of elected and appointed officials and professional staff. Local officials interested in serving on the committee are strongly encouraged to submit their names for consideration to the League's executive director.

Legislative Agenda

Before each legislative session staff prepares a draft legislative agenda for the Board of Directors to review and approve at its meeting in October. Local officials are invited to submit legislative policy suggestions to League staff. Please e-mail your ideas, comments and concerns to Curt Witynski. A copy of the League's current Legislative Agenda is posted on our website.